Take into consideration every element that you have never learned, Every breathe you have ever taken, every experience you have ever engaged in. Take the histories of such that has not only formed your own identity but all that exists around you. How is one, how is existence shaped by such. What are the details of such. The impact. The conflicts and resolutions. The interpretations. The elements that cause one to rise to a greater sense of self. This is Apotheosis.

The work is composed using the Japanese technique Shou Sugi Ban which employs fire in order to preserve wood. This technique is used as a medium to convey transition. Fire, as a element historically conveys passion, desire, lust, construction, destruction, love. In these works the altering of wood represents a transition caught in the middle of duality. Liken it to the stories of Icarus as well as the rising of the Phoenix. One element, two vastly different outcomes. In combination with this element are materials, etchings, colors and even dimensions that all convey various historical, symbolic, numerological, cultural and psychological significances. The combination of these creates a language to those that know how to speak such.



works on paper are not titled

I Did This For You

Renegade works