Philosophy of Materials and use

Philosophy of materials and use. 


I feel in this day and age as well as in the arts there is a lack of intellectual substance. The easy and sophomoric have become commonplace and even appreciated. Things are “cool” instead of being knowledgeable. Things are immediate instead of that which demands attention and contemplation. I strive, as a common theme in all my works abstract as well as conceptual, to make people think. I wish for people to tap into knowledge that they already process or do additional investigations of culture, history, science, mathematics, sociology, psychology in order to further the intellectual base they have and are able to contribute to the population in general. I am a firm believer that things will not change until one expands their mind. 

I use materials, colors, shapes, measurements and techniques all to convey a meaning that transcend well past visual ascetics. Simply using paint for paint sake, color for color sake, materials as fillers is not meaningful to me. I see the use of materials as part of the message behind the work. I believe that different messages have different mediums and this should translate to the materials and colors and techniques used in order to create works of art. There are historical elements throughout various times of our existence as well as with different cultures that these materials tell. There are various psychological affects various colors have on our human psyche. These various definitions make statements on their own and create a story when used in relation to each other. 

All of my work is done in the spirit of duality. This applies to the works presentation as well. For those that simply look at the work one will hopefully see an appealing pice of art that gives joy to the eye. For those that understand the use and combinations of materials I am speaking a language. A language which individuals that know histories, cultures, psychologies and fields of the sort can have a personal communication with the work. Art is said to say different things to different people. I think that in this dialogue art has the capability to speak different languages within the say piece. I use my formal and informal knowledge to convey a multitude of messages within my work. 


-Salt- To use a time tested phrase, one becoming the "salt of the earth". In many cultures salt is used as a preservative in various applications. It also is used as a symbol of purity. It also corresponds to time being a mineral that has been in existence since the birth of this world.  

-Wood - Wood for me conveys history. Wood is a silent record of the ages. It is a material that is used to sustain life as well as used to build foundations for humanity. The same can be said for our conscious and how our stories have been lived but our personal history will never truly be able to be retold. These years are like the rings of a tree that define our growth. Wood also conveys strength and stability.       

-Color - Color is a visual element that has far more meanings than simply used as a beautiful attribute. Color conveys emotion as well as incites such. Colors have the power to elicit alertness, attention, desire, love, lust, compassion, rage, calm, hunger, royalty, neutrality, idealistic identity, affiliation as well as a long list of further identities. Colors can also have deeper philosophical meanings as well. Take the color Black for example. I use the color blackto convey self reliance. Imagine yourself in a room, filled with objects and devoid of light. As one navigate through this space and encounter obstacles one have to rely on your knowledge, experiences, intuition, emotions, fears, strengths and other attributes of the sort in order to achieve a goal, safe passage. This is related to our everyday life and what we encounter in our existence. The color black is also the unknown. In order to walk into the unknown one must know and trust themselves. Being able to face adversity no matter what it is.           

-The use of metal - Metal may conveys constraint. It may also convey strength, that which fortifies a foundation. That which bonds us to behavior, tradition and beliefs. 

-Burned Wood - The technique is that from Japanese culture called Shou Sugi Ban. This technique is used as a means of preserving the integrity of the wood. It is used in this work as a transformative element being that fire can be closely related to passion and desire to construction and deconstruction. It is used as a means to convey duality by means of the stories it is used to depict. How one element, fire, used as a means of transformation, is likened in use to the story of Icarus as well as the story of the rising of the Phoenix. Dependent on the use of an influence vastly different outcomes can occur. 

-Measurements / Numbers / Dimensions - Numbers have always had meaning. Be it math, science, sacred geometry, the or the occult numbers and the combination of such has far more meaning than some sort of tally or accounting.

-Shapes - Contortions of a simple line are the foundations for recorded history for humankind. Conveying messages and histories have been made possible with the advent of symbols. These symbols have various meanings to various sects of people. It is a language in and of itself. 


When viewing my work, know it is not nearly as simple as what you see.